About Lela

Lela TexeiraLela is a transformational happiness coach committed to helping others gain greater control over their thoughts and emotions and experience profound happiness and well-being. She will help you align with your bigger purpose, define your passions (even if you’re not clear what they are), Co-create a “lifemap” so you can confidently move forward towards your deepest dreams, step by step, and embody the life you desire.

She’s been a passionate seeker, student and traveler for most of her life, leading her to many experiences and corners of the world. Holistic body/energy work, small business ownership, and even a spiritual community for a stint (replete with crazy stories) have all been part of her diorama.

Her career path, however eclectic, has held a common thread throughout; that she believes personal evolution and radical self-care not only inspires and affects the person individually, it transforms communities. Lela believes through your own personal work you invite and serve people to flourish and live a kick ass life, as well. She feels she’s found her purposeful work through coaching; it’s her dream job, and she’s delighted to help folks find theirs.

When she is not busy with her business, she can be found (or not) traveling near and far, conducting kitchen experiments, reading, writing, meditating and laughing.