Dramatic results, quickly

I have been receiving Lela Texeira’s life coaching services for two months now. I have had dramatic results, quickly. Working together once a week, we continually renew my goals and visions, and refresh what is and isn’t working in my life. Having the support and understanding from this empathetic woman has helped me clear my vision, prioritize,  and get motivated about what I really want, and what really matters. I would totally recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to work with themselves, create and reach goals consistently, and succeed and excel in whatever visions and goals they may have.

Alison Widdcombe – jewelry designer/business owner

About Lela

Lela is a transformational happiness coach committed to helping others gain greater control over their thoughts and emotions and experience profound happiness and well-being. She will help you align with your bigger purpose, define your passions (even if you’re not clear what they are), Co-create a “lifemap” so you can confidently move forward towards your deepest dreams, step by step, and embody the life you desire.

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