Getting to the depth and heart of the matter

I love having Lela as my coach. I trust her completely because she has integrity, as well as a deep compassion for others. She is very wise. She has this incredible way of getting to the depth and heart of the matter and sessions with her are like a treasure hunt, discovering wonderful treasures within. She is like a good friend standing by my side looking down the path I want to go with me, helping me discover my own inner resources while also helping me release limiting beliefs standing in my way. I highly recommend her as a coach!

– Beth

About Lela

Lela is a transformational happiness coach committed to helping others gain greater control over their thoughts and emotions and experience profound happiness and well-being. She will help you align with your bigger purpose, define your passions (even if you’re not clear what they are), Co-create a “lifemap” so you can confidently move forward towards your deepest dreams, step by step, and embody the life you desire.

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