Finding Your Why

Working within the coaching process is a powerful, cathartic and game changing investment/gift to yourself. Mastering your life takes tenacity and dedication but it doesn’t have to feel like hard work. It’s actually quite delicious and fun, and supposed to feel good. The highest level achievers in the world whether they be entrepreneurs, artists or athletes, all work with someone at sometime, to get them to their “next level” of expansion. This is about being your best, awesome you. This will help you live a happier life, and let’s face it, it’s why we do or want anything. We want to be happy. We are all drawn to seek happiness.

You will explore, define and create a strategic map towards your personal, spiritual and professional expansion. This work is a profoundly supportive alliance that holds witness to your deepest dreams and aspirations and transforms you and all areas of your life. You will tap into the visionary, bird’s eye view of your life that connects your purpose to achievable actions.  The results are profound, transformative and concrete.

Your life is your very own mythic Hero’s journey. It’s not on the TV, or going to happen later after you do all the things you “should” do; it’s happening now. It’s the most vital and exhilarating game in town, but you have to show up and make the choice of whether you want to live a life that will bring you the occasional happy events to break up the otherwise monotonous stuff or if you will reach for and design your life to embody how you think the most miraculous, succulent, liberated life should be lived. It’s always your choice. It is so exciting!